C7 API Permissions

If your application will make any API calls to Commerce7, you can set the API Endpoints and permission level to specify what your application requires. These access details will be presented on your application in the APP store.

Best practice would be to only set permissions for the data and operations your application will actually be using.

Add Permissions

Click the ADD PERMISSION button and choose endpoint (data object) you want access to, then select either read or full access.

Available endpoints are: Cart, Club, Club Membership, Club Packages (including Subscriptions), Customer, Customer Address, Coupons, Email, GiftCard, Inventory, MetaDataConfig, Notes, Order, POS Profile, Product, Promotions, Promotion Sets, Queries, Reservation, Setting, Shipping, Tag, and Webhook.

Authentication to Commerce7 APIs

If your application will be utilizing Commerce7 APIs above you will need to authenticate using basic auth on every API request. The username is your appId and the password is your appSecret.

View your APP IDs in the dashboard view.View your APP IDs in the dashboard view.

View your APP IDs in the dashboard view.