C7 Admin Panel / POS Extensions

C7 Admin Panel and POS Extensions are what link your application deep into Commerce7. Depending on the placement you can link a context menu, tab menu iframe, report iframe, main POS menu or a customer card.

Context Menu

To add a context menu item, choose the placement, select Context Menu for the type, put in the URL to your application endpoint for this context menu item, and ensure an icon image is retrievable with a get request at this URL. The title of this menu item will show in the More Actions drop down for the placement you've chosen.


To add a iFrame, choose a placement that supports iFrames, Order Detail, Product Detail, Customer Detail or Reports. Put in the URL for the iFrame and add ensure the C7 iFrame javascript below is included on your iFrame page.

Including the following javascript on your iFrame page. This allows the iFrame and the Commerce7 Platform to communicate window sizes to ensure the application and iFrame are both responsive.

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://dev-center.platform.commerce7.com/beta/commerce7.js"></script>

iFrame Styling

We will be adding some additional style guide documentation here. You can embed the following CSS to get some basic styling into your iFrame.


Configuring an extension for an iFrame.Configuring an extension for an iFrame.

Configuring an extension for an iFrame.